by dbell58

Of course I begin my life as a tree, that much is no surprise. What most

people don’t know are the processes that give me an ovaltine shape and

understated (forgive me if I brag a bit!) beauty. My sides are sliced, or

sawed, into thin strips from wood, creating a veneer that allows me to flex

somewhat. My maker thinks I’m not presentable as I am so he takes some

medium 180 grit sandpaper and rakes me over carefully following my grain

pattern. Next, the 220 grit sandpaper smooths me a little more. The fingers

come next, with an Exacto knife they are cut and beveled and drilled to

ease entry of the copper tacks that will clinch and hold me fast.

My real bending ability comes from being boiled in water and steamed for

20 minutes of so. Kind of like a sauna for wood. My lignan, which are

of like muscles, are then pliable enough to be bent to the distinctive

elliptical shape that give me charming character.

My human maker, who doesn’t wear often, will sometimes utter an

expletive deleted when I have a deformity in my grain and split so I can’t

be used. A little compassion would be nice!

Once out of the hot water I am bent around a form and tacked into place. A

little rest and relaxation for a couple of days to dry out and I am ready for

my top and bottom. Stay tuned for I, Shaker Box, Part 2 as I describe my

final assembly on the journey to becoming a Shaker Box. You can purchase

my finished self or others like me at the Shaker Box Shop here: